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Wells Fargo is undoubtedly one of the biggest financial institutions in the United States with almost 9000 retail branches scattered across the country. And with almost 70 million clients, it is no wonder that Wells Fargo has built its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy bank. A hot and in-demand financial product from Wells Fargo which millions are applying for is their checking account. Currently, Wells Fargo offers consumers three types of checking account; all of which provide features and benefits that are notches above than those that are offered by rival financial service companies.

• Value Checking
Opening a Value Checking account is easy! Interested applicants only need to furnish all needed requirements and documentation to apply for Value Checking. This product is very much ideal among consumers who have basic checking needs. The minimum opening deposit is at $100. Features that are included in the Value Checking account are:
– Platinum debit card
– New clients are given two months worth of free online bill payment
The maintenance fee for the Value Checking account is $7 for online checking statements and $9 for paper statements.

• Ways2Save Checking Package
A bundled service is what you’ll get when you apply for a Ways2Save Checking account. Not only will you have the ability to open a checking account, but you will also have a savings account too! The bundled up service from Wells Fargo facilitates easy access of money by its account holders.
The following features are provided when you apply for a Ways2Save Checking Package:
– Platinum debit card
– Bill Pay feature can be utilized by customers free of charge
– Since Ways2Save is a bundled up service, interested customers are entitled to a Ways2Save savings account
The signup fee for Ways2Save is priced at $125.

• PMA Package
The best deals, benefits, and features are within reach when you open a PMA Package checking with Wells Fargo. Discounts, rewards, and better rates await you once you open the premier checking account product offering of Wells Fargo. One of the distinctive characteristics of PMA Package is that it is interest bearing in nature. Premier PMA Package account holders are also entitled to bonus interest rates on savings. Other benefits that are included in the PMA Package are the following:
– Non-Wells Fargo ATM benefits
– Brokerage benefits

There is a monthly service fee of $30 among PMA Package clients however PMA Package account holders can totally avoid this fee by completing all requirements needed upon application of checking account.

Order Wells Fargo Checks

As you can see, opening and maintaining a checking account is tedious and costly. Although this is the case, Wells Fargo tries its hardest to make the experience of doing business with them pleasant, smooth, and hassle free.

Since there are maintenance fees and monthly fees that checking account holders need to cover on a monthly basis, it is only sensible to make use of other services which will keep the costs down when utilizing your checking account. The checks provided by Wells Fargo are expensive. This has made financial transactions quite difficult among a lot of checking account holders, most especially those who are used to issuing paper checks to people and businesses. To get great savings without sacrificing the quality of checks, the best option that can be taken advantage of is ordering checks from third-party check printing companies.

Check printers are business entities that primarily operate online. These companies offer checking account holders of Wells Fargo and that of other banks the opportunity to acquire inexpensive, high-quality checks. Unlike banks checks that are officially printed and released by financial institutions, bank checks produced by check printers are more creative, artistic, and stylish. If you want to personalize your financial transactions, customized checks is the perfect solution for you.

You may be wondering where you can get a hold of these check printing companies. As mentioned earlier in this article, check printers hold their operations online. There are hundreds upon hundreds of check printers online, but as a consumer, you need to choose wisely. Read reviews and customer feedbacks prior to placing an order online. If you know friends or family members currently using personalized checks, it is smart to obtain their opinion as well.

Once you have chosen the right check orienting company for you, it’s time to go through the process of picking Wells Fargo check designs. There are a hundred and one themes and so much more. Make sure to choose a design or theme that suits your interest, preferences, or personality. Also, do not forget to keep the overall look of the check still looking professional and sophisticated. Bear in mind that you are going to use these personal checks to pay bills and other financial obligations. Therefore, it is only sensible to choose designs that are fun, but still exude a formality as well.

Once you’re done picking a design, the next step is customization. When ordering checks online, you have the option of changing and adding the following elements onto your personal check:

– Font
– Monogram
– Clip art
– Symbols

Keep the additions to a minimum so you’re checks still exude a professional feel to it.
Once the fonts are modified and the monogram or symbols are added, the next step is to provide the financial checking details that are to be printed onto the check:

– Routing number
– Checking account number
– Starting check number
– Name
– Address

Once these details are filled out, the last thing that you need to do is complete the transaction by paying using your credit card information.
As you can see, purchasing customized Wells Fargo checks is easy, convenient, and inexpensive when you do it with reliable check printing companies!

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