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While school spirit is already present as early as high school, one cannot deny that school spirit intensifies during college. While a college or university can raise its flags high by winning various competitions, one way a single student can show their school pride is by owning university or college memorabilia. There are many types of college or university souvenirs, the school jacket being one of the most famous types. While a college jacket, mug, or car sticker looks cool, it’s not really something that many people haven’t seen before. These items are so common that they barely come out as impressive. If you’re a college student and you want to impress your family and friends, why not consider getting college personal checks? Not only are these university or college bank checks unique, they’re also a cool way to pay off your loans or bills.

The Advantage of Using College Personal Checks

College is a time for new beginnings. Students now get to experience a whole new environment with added responsibilities. One of the responsibilities a college student has to face is taking care of financial matters and transactions. Once you open a bank account, several payment options become available within your reach. Long gone are the days where you have to pay for every single thing you buy in cash. You can now pay using a bank check, debit card or credit card. If you’re still unsure on the benefits of college personal checks, here are some key points that might help clear your mind.

• Personal checks inspired from colleges and universities are fun to use. The thought of using normal checks is enough to bore a lot of people to tears, so why suffer the same fate when you can go for a different approach by getting personal bank checks that will feature your own school? If you want the people around you to know how proud you are of your college, one way you can show it is by getting a university or college personal check. You don’t even have to open a topic about it! All you need to do is fill up a check, give it to the payee, and they will automatically know where your heart lies.

• Anyone with a bank account can use college or university bank checks. You don’t have to be enrolled in the institution itself before you can utilize the checks. The bank checks are open for everyone, even if you’re a current student, alumni, drop out, or an enthusiastic fan, you too can order a set of bank checks designed from your favorite college or university.

• Bank checks can be more convenient than debit or credit cards in many situations. If you thought that the bank check is a thing of the past, think again. Bank checks are still widely used even until today. In fact, there are some people who even think that personal bank checks can be more helpful than debit or credit cards. If you’re the type who wants to keep a record of all your expenses, why not order a duplicate for your college personal checks in order for you to have your own copy of all your expenditures? This is something that you cannot do with a credit or debit card. With bank checks, you can avoid that dreaded monthly surprise when the bills start rolling in.

• Its disadvantage can actually turn into one uncanny advantage. Many individuals have disregarded bank checks because they’re too hassling to use. They say it’s because it takes too much time and effort to write all the details down for every transaction that they make. Guess what! You can actually see a silver lining to this predicament. The reason why people sometimes go overboard with their spending is because it’s too easy to pay it all off with a debit or credit card. All it takes is one swipe and you’re good to go. Writing down on your college personal check will indeed take time, but it will also give you the opportunity to think twice about spending. When you pay with a check, you also get to have the chance to write down the total amount to be paid… twice. So if you’ve been having doubts about that thing you’re about to buy, perhaps seeing and writing how much money you’re about to lose can help you make up your mind. This can be a huge help to all impulsive buyers!

• There are very few banks that are offering debit, credit or ATM cards with college or university designs. Even the designs they have available are limited to a few colleges and universities as well. Unlike these cards, you can get university or college personal checks anywhere and anytime. This is because you can have your personalized checks printed by any check printing company. You can either look for a bank check that was already designed, or you can make your own by choosing your own picture. You can use the seal of your college or university, or you can use any picture that you want that reminds you of your college, be it a picture of your football varsity team or a picture of your school grounds. You don’t have to go through too much effort and hassling work before you can have college personal checks. If you choose to have your checks printed by an online shop, we do advise you to do your research first about the company. Remember, shopping online may be easy but it isn’t 100% safe.